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We create comprehensive strategies for the online presence
of brands and implement advertising campaigns in all digital media.
All based on a full understanding of your business and effective
use of the Inbound Marketing philosophy.
at the pace of the consumer not competition
Invest in the customer,
not in marketing.

At PA Digital Group, we know that marketing is about people. Every strategy we develop is based on an in-depth understanding of the brand and its customers' motivations. We believe that a user cannot be forced or tricked into a relationship with a brand. Therefore, our strategies are based on the concept of Inbound Marketing, which focuses on building trust with potential customers and strong relationships with the existing ones. We want customers to think of your brand as a specialist in its field and your relationship to be deeper than a sales context.

To meet these objectives, we use state-of-the-art technologies, with only experienced specialists at the helm. We have created a unique team consisting of four agencies that provide comprehensive digital solutions in Strategy, Marketing, Creation and Performance.

Dla kogo?

You sell your products offline, so you’re worried that online marketing won’t bring you measurable results. You prefer to focus on referral networks and outdoor advertising. Rest assured – your customers are also present online! We will create an “Online to offline” strategy for you, and since we know how to address your message only to interested users, you do not have to worry about burnt budgets and unmeasurable results. We will use methods to link online activities to offline revenue, giving you precise insight into how your advertising budget is doing.

Your company provides services to businesses, and you rely on the activities of an experienced salesperson to attract new contacts. In your industry, the strongest argument is trust and relationships – how fitting! These are the values that Inbound Marketing prioritises. Don’t be afraid that digital is the domain of B2C activities. We will prepare a strategy to help you present your products to the right recipients and ensure that your brand is perceived as a trusted advisor and specialist in the industry.

The e-commerce market is growing exponentially every year, and this trend is not going to change for many more years. As demand grows, so does your competition, so you must constantly be prepared for new challenges. You are striving to meet your existing customers’ demands, but acquiring new ones is complicated and involves discounts that deplete your margins each time. Have you wondered how to attract a customer to your daily offer without necessarily tempting them with a promotion? We will help you transform the positive impressions of your existing customers into the trust of new customers. The strategy will not be based on one-off transactions but your shop’s entire customer value, thus translating into the best possible return on investment.

You primarily gain new customers through referrals. You believe that you should operate locally, so you want to reach users who are close to you. If you choose to operate online, you focus on acquiring as many leads as possible but limit yourself to telephone contact, which often proves ineffective. We will prepare a strategy for you that gains the trust of clients in the area and builds your image as a recommended specialist. With the proper targeting of adverts, the leads you generate will become valuable and translate into sales and other tangible business goals.

When launching a new brand, every penny invested matters – we understand that. We know how to help businesses grow and do not require horrendous budgets to do so. We will prepare an implementation strategy for your product or service to generate a positive image from the very beginning without burning your advertising budget. Benefit from our experience in working with big brands and avoid the mistakes of others.

Wyjątkowy proces.
At PA Digital Group, we are aware of the ongoing changes in the market and business, which is why processes in our company are cycles that need to be repeated over and over again. It makes our collaboration model unique - we regularly align marketing realities with the brand and its customers, not the other way around.
Brand audits on the web
Analytics audit
Competition audit
Google Marketing Platform
Split media budget
Communication Strategy
Implementation of KPIs
Dedicated dashboards
Analysis of creative effectiveness
Looker Studio
Clarity MS
Google Analytics
Set of graphic creations
Media purchase online
Responding in social media
Google Ads
Meta Ads
TikTok Ads
What do you gain
by working with us?
You already know that you will gain a unique relationship with your customers.
But what indicators precisely will cooperation with us translate into?
Pozyskiwanie ruchu
Traffic generation
Don’t burn budgets by bringing cheap but worthless traffic to your site. We will help you with the attribution of caloric recipients that translate into company profit.
Poprawienie współczynnika konwersji
Improving the conversion rate
Does your shop not generate sales despite a high number of users on the site? We will answer the question about the site’s effectiveness with hard data based on reliable analysis supported by experience.
Obecność brandu w sieci
Brand presence on the web
Brand credibility stems from its consistency. We will create a concept for your brand’s online presence so that it translates into business success.
Generowanie leadów
Lead generation
Your business does not operate because of leads but through purchases made by persons whose contact you have acquired. We will implement solutions to collect only valuable leads with high purchase potential.
Dosprzedaż usług/produktów
Cross-selling of services and products
Every customer is a potential hard-user of your brand. We’ll tell you how to get a customer to start buying from you loyally, not as a one-off.
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Lifetime Value
A customer is not a one-off transaction but a long-term relationship that can translate into your brand’s success, which is why we create digital strategies based on customer relationship management and reliable analysis of the entire length of the customer relationship.
A unique way of selecting tools. No long-term agreements. Transparent pricing. Modern reporting of the results of all activities. Cooperation based on ROI.
W tempie konsumenta nie konkurencji
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for you?
Write to us and let us know what kind of service you need?
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Nasi Klienci
We carefully select partners with which we can achieve
even better results for your business.
Mobile Vikings
Co mówią inni?
Several years of presence on the market have resulted in a long list of satisfied customers and successfully completed projects.

Our requirements were high, but the agency proved that nothing is impossible for it! Every day we receive reliably prepared digital material from PA. The team has repeatedly proven that it works efficiently under time pressure and can complete any order on time while demonstrating great creativity.

Karolina Waśkowska,
E-commerce Specialist, PLL LOT S.A.

To date, I have not worked with an agency that understood our needs in such a short time. We have been working with PA for over 4 years. During this period, the agency has demonstrated remarkable flexibility, a strategic and business-oriented approach to projects and creative solutions to meet ever-increasing expectations. The entire team’s competence and reliability give us great pleasure in recommending PA as a professional, trustworthy and versatile agency.

Małgorzata Bogacz,
Marketing Director, BP Poland

We have been working with Novem since November 2009. The establishment of cooperation and the decision to implement Play’s online sales programme, which is settled based on results, proved to be an effective way to reach new customers. Advertising campaigns jointly implemented with Novem brought us measurable effects in the form of acquired contact leads and orders in the online shop.

Michał Sobolewski,
Head of Internet Marketing at Play
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