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    Why Digital First?

    Twój biznes online
    Because your business has to be present online.

    Regardless of whether your business operates online or outside the virtual world, your customers spend an average of 7 hours a day online. Lack of a strategy for presence in such a powerful medium, chaotic and untested advertising activities are a waste of potential and money.

    Remember that online activities give you independence and allow the flexibility that you cannot count on promoting your business through traditional channels.

    Kampanie marketingowe
    Because marketing should support business, not “flash ads”.

    For your business to develop, you need conscious and planned marketing activities. Even the best-organised campaign will not be successful if the effect it generates cannot be measured. Therefore, say “no” to wandering in the dark and use the power of transparency and measurability of online activities. Receive immediate feedback and optimise your activities so that your income grows.

    Doradztwo marketingowe
    Because it is only in the virtual world that your business can engage in a dialogue with your customers.

    Digital channels facilitate an actual conversation with many current and future customers that can easily become brand ambassadors. The chance of buying a product with at least 5 reliable reviews is 270% greater than a product that does not have any reviews. Let people talk about your brand while you learn as much as you can about them to best tailor your product to their needs.

    Digital First is the answer to the need to organise all product knowledge, data from multiple sources and information about current and future customers.

    How do we understand success?

    Your business is growing

    How do we understand success?

    The cost of generating revenue is decreasing

    How do we understand success?

    Your marketing functions based on a process, not chaotic actions

    How do we understand success?

    Decisions are made based on analytical data rather than intuition

    How do we understand success?

    You have access to full knowledge and statistics

    For who?

    You are establishing a business and don’t know where to start
    • Enough of the pretence that a start-up strategy is the same as tactics for functioning businesses.
    • A balanced marketing budget adapted to your company’s growth plans.
    • A comprehensive strategy for years, not just for the first month.
    You think your business is performing well but want to focus on increasing its scale
    • A growth strategy based on a schedule, taking into account specific results at a specific time.
    • A plan for image building activities that genuinely translate into sales.
    • Agency remuneration dependent on the actual effect.
    You run a business, but you have problems with sales
    • Increase revenue, but not at the expense of margins - your income is the priority.
    • Instead of blind strategic audit attempts that will determine the course of action.
    • Agency remuneration dependent on the actual effect.
    Your current agency does not understand your business
    Świadome i skuteczne budowanie marki w sieci
    • Workshops that will inform us about your business, which are organised before we commence the partnership.
    • Partnership relationship based on established foundations.
    • Transparent processes that you understand - you know what you are paying for.
    You get offers, but you don’t understand them
    Oferta dostosowana do twoich potrzeb
    • Quick action time - the offer reaches you within 24 hours and is presented by our employees who are experienced practitioners.
    • Services combined with task-based packages, so you never have to pay unexpected surcharge during the campaign.
    • Transparent, detailed pricing and a defined schedule right from the offer stage.
    Infinite growth loop

    What is my product?

    What do people love it for?


    What do they think of me?

    What do I know about my customers?


    How do I reach my customers?

    Where can I find them online?


    How do I manage my product?

    What do people love it for?


    Do my customers recommend me?

    What opinions do I have?


    How do I maintain customer relations?

    Do I take care of my existing customers?


    Our services

    Shape your product and decide who will want to buy it and for what reason.
    We will prepare a marketing Business Model Canvas for you, which will indicate the ideal target groups and the most significant attributes of your product. We will create a visual identity and communication tonality consistent across all online channels and paid campaigns. We will design the banners, graphics and animations needed to deliver a campaign that will capture the attention of every segment of your recipients.
    Recognise your recipients, but also how your product changes under their influence.
    We will prepare a flowchart that will organise the sources of traffic from which users reach your website. Using the Content Machine framework, we’ll create a content creation strategy to draw your recipients’ attention. We will build your image as an industry specialist by creating engaging and valuable content for your website, blog and social media channels. We will manage your social media accounts so that your recipients interact with your brand and share the experience with their friends. We will engage influencers and measure their real impact on the perception of your business.
    Make yourself known - effectively reach new users who will love your product.
    We will prepare a media plan for both regular and one-off campaigns to grow your business rather than broadcasting adverts. We will design sales funnels so that each recipient sees the message that is valuable to them at any given time. We will buy a campaign in any channel: from PPC Google Ads and Facebook Ads, through direct media buying from publishers and mailing databases to dedicated campaigns on TikTok or affiliate programmes. We will take care of your product feed and create effective remarketing and dynamic campaigns.
    Analyse and draw conclusions and get better with each repetition. Keep in touch and reach out again - never forget your fans and ambassadors.
    We will implement an analytics structure that allows you to draw conclusions from your marketing investment. We will create dedicated dashboards that enable you to have a quick and easy overview of your campaign results. We will advise you on which CRM tool is most effective for you. We will plan Marketing Automation scenarios and implement them to achieve optimum results.


    We value transparency, which is why we have prepared clear packages tailored to the needs of your business. You decide whether you want to entrust us with the entire operation or with a specific task.
    Product Creation
    Preparing your product for digital presence
    Content Creation
    Creating content for any digital channel
    Visual Communication
    Planning and creation of graphic materials necessary for digital campaigns
    Content Machine
    Automated, comprehensive content creation strategy based on storytelling
    Social Media Strategy
    Consistent execution of the communication strategy across all social media channels
    Influence Marketing
    Plan for effective collaboration with influencers and ambassadors in digital channels
    Sales Funnel Strategy
    Creating funnels to structure sales and communication at each stage
    Growth Strategy
    Comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at long-term and continuous sales growth
    Campaign Media Buying
    Effective media planning, including campaign implementation
    Your choices

      Marketing Automation
      Automation of efficiency-oriented marketing activities.
      Building, maintaining, managing and improving customer relationships.
      Decision making based on data and statistics analysis.

      When and for how much?

      Formularz kontaktowy
      You fill in the contact form
      Together we will create a brief
      An offer is created
      Business Model Canvas, uproszczony lejek sprzedażowy, mediaplan oraz kosztorys i harmonogram działań
      You receive a marketing Business Model Canvas, and simplified sales funnel, media plan and cost estimate, as well as a schedule of activities
      Strategia Digital First dla twojej marki
      We present you with a Digital First strategy for your brand
      Podjęcie decyzji
      You make a decision

      Who are we?

      Shape your product and decide who wants to buy it and for what reason
      Product Creation
      Content Creation
      Visual Communication
      Get to know your audience, but also how your product changes under their influence
      Content Machine
      Social Media Strategy
      Influence Marketing
      Make yourself known - effectively reach new users who will love your product
      Sales Funnel Strategy
      Growth Strategy
      Campaign Media Buying
      Digital Marketing Automation
      Analyse and draw conclusions and get better with each repetition
      Marketing Automation

      What do others say

      Several years of presence on the market have resulted in a long list of satisfied customers and successfully completed projects.
      Our requirements were high, but the agency proved that nothing is impossible for it! Every day we receive reliably prepared digital material from PA. The team has repeatedly proven that it works efficiently under time pressure and can complete any order on time while demonstrating great creativity.
      Karolina Waśkowska
      E-commerce Specialist, PLL LOT S.A.Y
      o date, I have not worked with an agency that understood our needs in such a short time. We have been working with PA for over 4 years. During this period, the agency has demonstrated remarkable flexibility, a strategic and business-oriented approach to projects and creative solutions to meet ever-increasing expectations. The entire team’s competence and reliability give us great pleasure in recommending PA as a professional, trustworthy and versatile agency.
      Małgorzata Bogacz
      Marketing Director, BP Poland
      We have been working with Novem since November 2009. The establishment of cooperation and the decision to implement Play’s online sales programme, which is settled based on results, proved to be an effective way to reach new customers. Advertising campaigns jointly implemented with Novem brought us measurable effects in the form of acquired contact leads and orders in the online shop.
      Michał Sobolewski
      Head of Internet Marketing, PLAY

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